Thursday, 28 August 2014

Rimmel Ring A Ring O Roses

This is a creme polish from Rimmel's 60 Second line.  It's opaque in two coats, but you have to be quite quick in aplying it and not brush over the same areas more than once or twice because it dries so fast that the polish can get dragged over the nail if you spend to much time on it.  I'm not a huge fan of this line for that reason, but they do have some lovely colours.

This is Ring A Ring O Roses which is a lovely mid pink colour.  It's also a pretty good dupe for OPI's Pinking Of You.  I'd say out of the two, that this has the better formula, since despite the difficulties caused by the quick drying time, it is much more opaque.  Pinking of you is quite sheer and require at least three coats.

And here is it stamped ver using Mundo De Unos stamping polish in light pink (#25)

The stamping plate used for this design was MoYou London's Pro Collection, Plate 7

Polish Comparison - Left Rimmel Ring A Ring O Roses, Right OPI Pinking Of You

As you can see from the swatch sticks these two polishes are virtually the same colour.  Pinking of You is ever so slightly lighter, but you would never see the difference unless in direct sunlight.

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  1. Beautiful colors and stamping. Thanks for sharing!! =0]